Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls Blue Personalized Dog Collar

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls Blue Personalized Dog Collar

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Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls Blue Personalized Dog Collar.  Dia de los Muertos translates to Day of the Dead. These Sugar Skull represents a departed loved one and is usually placed on an altar — an ofrenda — or even a gravestone as an offering to the spirit of the dead. Sugar Skulls are often decorated with the person's name.

Custom Personalization is not embroidered, it is dyed into the webbing in with the artwork and many of our customer's dogs have worn them with heavy use, swimming in pools and the ocean for over 5 to 7 years while the colors remain bright and vibrant!  They can be washed with bleach and in a washing machine and hold the bold colors.

Our company info is on the inside of the collar and no labels on the outside of the collar to obscure the beautiful artwork or your pet's name!

Wagadoodle's Custom Dyed Webbing is Handmade to Order in the USA for your pet's neck size, not massed produced overseas.  Choose with the webbing width you want and the length closest to your dog's neck measurement.  We will custom tailor the collar as we make it to get the best fit for your dog. 

Our goal is to make sure the pet's name is not covered up by the adjuster slide but still have enough length to adjust bigger or smaller.  We guarantee the pet's name to not be covered by the adjuster slide as long as you give us your pet's collar measurement like in the photo "How to Measure Your Pet's Collar" 

2-4 days for personalized collars to be shipped.

No charge for  Leash Personalization if you purchase a Matching Leash to go along with your Personalized Collar.