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Dog Collar Size Chart, Dog Neck Sizes


How to measure your Dog's Neck

Every collar maker has their preferred method of getting your Dog's Neck Size.  We prefer that you measure your Dog's Current Collar as Shown in the photo below.


How to measure your pets collar for a perfect fit wagadoodle


Here are the Font Choices available

I will contact you and go over your order and we can discuss your preference then!

Font choice typesetting



Turn around Time

These Custom Made Collars take some precision steps, and that takes between 24 and 48 hours to ship. If they look less than perfect we may choose to remake it, rather than send a Collar with a flaw.  You will get an e-mail to confirm you placed an order and then one when it is packaged to ship and the Tracking Number.



We aim to please and get your product made to your Satisfaction! If we make any mistakes on our end, we take care of it quickly and without any cost to you. If the mistake was on your end, we work with you to fix it and get a dog collar into your hands that you are proud of!



We 100% guarantee all workmanship and materials to your satisfaction.



Machine Wash or Hand Wash and Air Dry.  (I prefer to wash them in a Lingerie Bag when I wash them in a washing machine)

If extremely dirty or stinky, you can wash with your white clothes with bleach or in a bowl with a cap or 2 of bleach and soak for 15-20 minutes.

For extremely oily skinned Dogs, you can soak for a half hour in a half and half mixture of an all purpose cleaner like Simple Green, 409 or Fantastic and water.  Rinse well.  Use Vinegar to help remove all soap residue.

The Colors will last for years & years!