dog boutique and pet store in key west

Kelaia's hooman picked out this Mandela design while at Island Dog Key West Dog Boutique and Pet Store in Key West.



juicy dog collar preppy style

Scruffy wearing Watermelon Design




Mayan Weave Design in "Fire" color scheme

duval street boutique pet store in Key west




Karma wearing Mermaid Design in Teal

mermaid dog collar


Abaco Gold Design

extra wide preppy dog collar


Fred sporting his Key West Gecko Collar

key west gecko dog collar




Bear wearing his personalized  "Peace, Love & Paws" Design

tropical hawaiian beach ocean dog collar




personalized dog collar art coconut island tropical hawaiian margaritaville

personalized island dog collar handmade in Key West



Retro Mod Design

Retro Modern Art on a dog collar atomic art george jeston dog collar



hawaiin tropical dog collar



Karma in Teal "Conch Houses" Design  (1.5" wide)



Raney is wearing "Plumeria Border" design with Lime background




Personalized  1.5" Wide collars Sportfish Design in orange and Lime.

Mermaid Scales in Teal and Pink

Big names on 1.5 inch wide collars



Karma in Teal "Conch Houses" design (1.5" wide)


Key West Dog Boutique and Pet Store!



Anchors in Red, White and Blue!

red, white and blue dog collar with preppy anchors



Gecko Dog Collar with Blue Background

gecko dog collar on Vizsla Skye



Triggerfish Design

Dog Collar Art in Key West Florida Triggerfish Pattern Design


hawaiian dog collar, tropical, beach, fish handmade on Kalea



 Spyro Gyra Design

wagadoodle dog collar



Personalized Skulls & Crossbones on Green Camo

Brutus the doberman badass military dog collar k9



Sugar Skulls

sugar skulls dog collar from Key West Artist



Personalized Preppy Anchors in Pink and Teal Key West Dog Boutique 

greekpreppy anchors vineyardvines block island


Hibiscus & Palm Fronds on Red 




"Pete" showing off his "Dreamstime" Design




Christmas Lights in a 1.5" Wide Collar




Conch Houses







 Dreamstime Dog collar features Deb's most intricate design based on Aboriginal Art

Dreamstime dog collar artwork based on Australian aboriginal art



Mile Zero 
Key West mile Zero dog collar buster roadtrip key west to maine us1
It's time for Christmas Lights
Doud in his Christmas Holiday Collar
Karma wearing her extra wide personalized Dog Collar Sportfish in Pink

 karme the dobie at the beach sailfish marlin mahi dolphin dog collar

Geiger has his own spot at the Schooner Wharf Bar to show off his Personalized American Flag Collar. 
Schooner wharf key west july 4th american flag dog collar key west

Dawson in a matching Sea Turtle Martingale & Leash

Textile dog collar



Sailor in Her "Zen" Design

mystical spiritual transformation higher power

Pawadise Pet Rescue here in Key West

pawadise pet rescue in key west Leo get a personalized wagadoodle collar


Leinani is wearing our Shark Design.  Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Mako & Blue Shark art by Deb Pansier on a Dog Collar that won't fade or bleed.

land shark margaritaville stle key west dog collar


Mandala Cat Collar with matching Pet ID Tag

mandala cat collar with zen design for a cat or yoga kitty


 Patriotic Dog  Duncan proudly wearing his American Flag Dog Collar, Flag Artwork by Deb Pansier

American flag dog collar


Maggie came down from Fort Lauderdale for the day & ordered a Personalized Pink Mile Zero Collar from the Island Dog Street Cart on Duval with her Name & Phone number on it! I'm at the entrance to The Porch, across from Fat Tuesday

wagadoodle dog collar street cart in key West pink flamingos for Maggie


Dolpins and Yellow Plumeria  and Palm Trees on a bright Pink background on Mia. This is a design I custom did for a client and it turned out awesome!  Here is a Front Lead Harness that are amazing in the way they teach a dog not to pull!

front lead harness on Mia.  Easy walk harness

key west dolphin dog collar


Mitzi and Bo are getting their Om on with my Zen Dog Collars

zen om meditation dog collar for deep thinking dogs


This cute guy got a Nautical Flag collar

Nautical Flaig saolboat dog collar from Key West


Front lead harnesses keeps dogs from pulling, they are truly miracle harnesses!

easy pull harness or front lead harness called freedom harness



 Greyson showing off his personalized "Sportfish" Collar

marlin mahi dolpin sailfish dog collar


Personalized Brook Trout Dog Collar

brook trout flyfishing dog collar for the dog that loves to fly fish in the mountains


 "Rainbow Atlantis" worn by Garth!

Garth Riely in his Island Dog Collar by Wagadoodle  bright fesive dog collar from Key West


Lola is a fan of her collars from Wagadoodle, she gets a new one every time her Mom comes down from Pass-a-Grille Florida

Lola in her Purple Frangipani Island Dog Key West Collar  Lola in her Personalized pink stripe with alligators Dog Collar


Rocco is wearing his tropical Reef Fish dog collar!

reef fish on a dog collar personalized with Rocco's name and phone number


Personalized Blue Nautical Collar with Flags that spell out "Key West" .

key West Nautical dog Collar on a happy dog


Key West dogs have it made!!

Conch Republic Pet ID tag by Wagadoodle

Hershey & Sarah in their Mayan Weave Design that I personalized for them so if they ever get lost, they are only a phone call away from home!

In "Ocean" and "Sky" color schemes.

personalized Key West Dog Collars Mayan Weave design

Hershey in his personalized Mayan Weave design Key West   Sarah in her personalized Key West dog collar



Tippy in his Key West Mystery Blob cat collar personalized with his name & phone number.  I see him when I ride my bike to work and peddle by his house!

key west personalized cat collar on cat named Tippy



 Charlie from Germany stopped in Key West while on Holiday and got this personalized "Pink Flamingo & Palms" design dog collar from us at or Studio on Fleming

Pink Flamingo dog collar for Charlie from Germany Key West tourists


 "Tribal Hibiscus" Design ~ Purple Hawaiian stylewith Yellow Hibiscus

tropical hawaiian margaritaville style dog collar is very beach



 "Sharks" on Blue,  all Artwork at Wagadoodle by Deb Pansier

Sharks on a dog collar in Key West



 I call this design "Peace, Love & Key West"  it has a bit of a hippie vibe

Peace love and Key West groovy hippie dog collar



 Linie wearing a bright red collar with yellow hibiscus, these colors look awesome on a black dog!

Bright red collar on a black dog in Key West 



Front Lead Harness for those Dogs who think they are in a Pulling Contest every time they wear a harness

Front Lead Harness



"Citrus Blast"

Key West Dog Collar personalized florida citris lime,lemon, orange, grapefruit


handmade key west dog collar with aboriginal australia artwork personalized custom




Personalized key west Dog Collar artwork by deb pansier handmade colorfast





shark dog collar handmade and personalized, customised island Dog Key West




Pink Passion Flowers

key west dog collar at the ocean and beach pink flowers on a big girl dog Addie personalized


Diver Down Flag Dog Collar

key west diver down flag with hogfish, scuba, spiney lobster and a shark on a dog collar


Blue Conch Republic

dog on beach in Key West sunshine ocean dog collar wagadoodle Island Dog 



Mahi Flash

Blue Sportfish

Blue Conch Republic

island Dog collars Key West handmade artwork




These little munchkin furbabies got their own personalized Pet I.D. Tags while they were visiting Key West.

Key West dogs wearing Island Dog Collars and Pet ID Tags

Frankie came and picked up his personalized custom fit dog collar from Island Dog Key West by Wagadoodle! He loves coming to my Cart on Duval Street where he is a star!  Key West Dogs are welcome in most businesses!

Blue "Paw Print" Design

margaritaville style dog collar island dog key west



Ara is beautiful & the first dog I made something for from Romania!  Island Dog Key West original artwork Pet ID Tags by Wagadoodle 

Key West Dog Collars by Wagadoodle sent to Romania 



They picked out the Sportfish Design with Mahi, Marlin & Sailfish of course!!!


puppy named mahi gets a sportfish personalized dog collar





Allie wearing her Wagadoodle Pink Mahi, Sailfish & Marlin dog Collar Design created by Textile Artist Deb Pansier in Key West Florida!




Boston Terriers Emma and Dawson!

Boston Mom Tammy Bachmann