About the Artist

 Wagadoodle-Dog Collars     wagadoodle Dog Collars     

In 1991 Deb Pansier was building a Houseboat at the famous "Houseboat Row" and it is there she made her first Tropical Dog Collar and started Island Dog.   Deb went from selling at "Mallory Square Sunset Celebration" to become the supplier of Dog Collars to all the Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Stores all across the country as well as many Caribbean Islands and around the country.

Always an adventurer, Deb came to Key West in 1978 for an outdoor lifestyle.

Riding her Bicycle to California in 1983  wagadoodle 


   She competed in many Triathlons         

Then learning to run a Tug Boat and become a Crane Operator on an Inland Barge doing Marine Salvage work.

 wagadoodle  Always working outside 


The Dog Collar business took off fast and before it grew to big she set out on her "ultimate" adventure riding her Bicycle from Key West to Alaska in 1994 with her dog

With her trusted Dog "Bucky" 

She always dreamed of being a Cowgirl and by 1997, she was out in Wyoming working open range cattle high in the Grey's River Range for half the year living in a camp by herself and riding 10 to 12 hour day                   


After 7 years of the rough and tumble life working cattle Deb spent some summers in Jackson Hole so she could hike with her dogs 



Key West has always been her home base and that is reflected in the Tropical

   Sea Life and Hawaiian   

  styles in her Artwork.    

Artwork for a Design is created with paint or pastels