Yoga Key West Dog Collars and Yoga on the Beach

Dog collar with yoga,om,zen and namaste symbols with blue and green colors

Key West has some of the most unique and beautiful locations to practice and experince the tropics while you visit or Island Paradise.

This magical location of Fleming Street will make you think you are in Bali or another exotic location.

There is nothing like doing Yoga on the Beach and this Yoga is done mornings on the most beautiful beach in Key West at Fort Zachery Taylor (Fort Zach to locals)

From their website:  One day, your down dog presses deeply into the mat, your breath calms, your heart opens ... you float in a sea of OMs, liberated, light, and in love with life. Another day, your tree pose feels more like a palm tree in the wind. You can’t touch your toes. Your OM feels like OW.

After class you can rest and enjoy a soulful place with tea, coffee or nourishing foods at Mayanjali Cafe

Mata Yoga is Key West’s original hot yoga.

We currently offer Bikram Express, Power Flow, Pyro Pilates & Yogalates classes.

Mata Yoga began with hot yoga as a Bikram yoga studio in 1985. At Mata Yoga Key West, our studio believes each person’s yoga practice stretches beyond their mat and into all aspects of their lives. Yoga teaches us dedication, patience and above all else, compassion. This is the way of Mata Yoga Key West.

Yoga is a gentle process. Hot yoga and gentle yoga build’s flexibility, strength and appreciation for our bodies, mind and soul. At Mata Yoga Key West, we are honored to carry on the yogic traditions that were taught to us by our teachers and training. Since 1985, we have grown as a community and continue to support one another along the path together.

Whether you are taking your first steps into a yoga studio or have a continued yoga practice, Mata Yoga Key West is a place where All are Welcome and Appreciated.

Nestled inside The Green Pineapple Wellness Center in the heart of upper Duval Street in Old Town Key West lies our Key West yoga Hatha-based studio offering a variety of daily intentional classes for every level of practice. Whether you are a guest of Key West or a forever resident, you are a member of our island community.

After class relax at the Cafe or Shop at the Unique Boutique

Indoor Classes at the stunning Williams Hall on Fleming Street

Outdoor Classes at the fantastic Tropical Forest and Botanical Gardens

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