XX - W I D E - XX......... Dog Collar Webbing is finally here!!!

1.5" Wide Dog Collar Webbing and 2" Wide Dog Collar Webbing for flat collars and Martingales are in Stock.  All Collars are tailored made to order with your pet's measurements, so you can get that perfect fit with every order.  Personalization is available on all dog collar designs.

Personalized dog collars with the pet's name and phone number surrounded by dolphins and palm trees on black and purple background.

Martingales  no-slip Dog Collars Extra Wide Sighthounds | Wagadoodle     Martingale Dog Collars, no-slip security collars. Custom sized for a perfect fit. Extra wide 1.5 inch and 2 inch webbing for Sighthounds, Greyhounds, Whippets and all sized dogs. Dual double looped prevents backing out of a collar. Can be personalized. Matching Leashes and Pet ID Tags available.  Personalization is available on all Martingale Collar.
Bright rainbow colors on a 2" wide martingale dog collar.
A blue martingale dog collar dog collar with a bigfoot
2" extra wide webbing dog collar.
Fish skin artwork on a dog collar that is personalized with the dog's name & phone number


Doberman wearing a personalized collar with his name Harley and his phone number on a black collar with jumping dolphines and palm trees.

Wide Webbing will distribute the pressure across a larger area of your dog's neck, making it more comfortable and limiting the potential for larynx Injury. For bigger dogs, strong dogs, heavy pullers, or puppies expected to grow rapidly, a wider 1.5 inch wide or 2 inch wide collar is perfect.

Personalizable extra wide webbing dog collar with Triggerfish Abstract artwork on a Doberman Pinscher Dog

No other dog collar maker has as many designs available to be printed on a collar like Wagadoodle in Key West Florida does.  The best way to showcase the over 350 design choices is on a wider webbing!

1.5 inch extra wide collar with tropical reef fish artwork on printed extra webbing on a big dog



It's taken 4 years of hard work but I finally did it!!! I can now make 1.5" Collars & Martingales! Look at the difference....the yellow one on the bottom is my standard 1" Large, the Pink Turtles & the Sport Fish are the new 1.5" Wide!



Marlin Skin Offshore Deep Sea Fishing in Key West and the Florida Keys is a Grand Slam with this Fish themed Dog Collar for the Outdoor enthusiast, Fisherman and Sportsman



Personalized custom extrawide dog collar with the pet's name and phone number on an american flag worn by a doberman dog.

The wider the dog collar webbing, the more artwork shows and the bigger the pet's name.


2 inch extra wide webbing for a green camo dog collar Personalized with the dog's name

Here is a good article why thicker is better especially for Sighthounds:  https://blog.theartfulcanine.com/greyhound-collars/

 Dog wearing goggle and an extra wide blue Camo Personalized Dog Collar

 Extra wide 1.5 inch webbing and 2 inch webbing helps ensure the collar can withstand the stresses a large dog can inflict upon it.  The wider surface area spreads out the force and helps to prevent injuries. Extra Wide 1.5 inch webbing and 2 inch Dog Collar webbing prevents the collar from digging into your dog’s neck too. 

 greatdane-widedogcollar-1.5inch wide-2"wide-dogcollar-wagadoodle


Karma the Dobie in her extra wide 1.5" Personalized Dog Collar


Black Lab named Kona wearing a personalized collar with her name and phone number on the collar with a pink background and Geckos and tropical flowers on the extra wide webbing.



More of the amazing artwork and bright bold colors show with wider webbing, especially with longer haired dogs.  Longer necked Dogs look really good in a wider Collar even if you are actually having it 14" or 15' around like a small dog's neck size would be.  I have a Vizsala named Skye that I make collars for. She is 50lbs but her neck size is only 15 inches and so I make a small collar length with the Large 1" webbing and it looks so good!

personalized extra wide collar on a long necked dog by wagadoodle key west on Vizsala named Skye

extra wide dog collars key west personalized handmade vizsala skye

I like this website if you are trying to research a dog's neck size, lots of great info.  I have some pretty extensive records based on the need to get the size right so my personalized Collars don't get the name covered up by the adjuster slide, since I guarantee it to fit perfect or I will remake it. 


Extra wide 1.5 inch and 2 inch wide dog collars spread out the pressure on the larynx and protects the  area, it also shows off the amazing dog collar art on these personalized and custom sized dog collar.


Onyx, Leia & Farah of the Doberman Gang showing off their Extra Wide Collars!





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