Ode to a Key West Feral Chicken

We called her Miss Clucky.
She was our super bait girl that would bring all the boy chickens to her steel lair so they could be caught and sent to an Okeechobee organic farm to eat bugs while roaming free in the fields of the all day "Bug Buffet" rather than die an unpleasant death on our now streets that are so dangerous for chickens.  She knew where the food was and she would show all the roosters where it was. Once they saw the arrow, they knew right where to go.
Key west chickens trap to get them a safe home.
Our home is where old creatures come to die, a safe haven of food, security & comfort. Mostly cats, but they don't mess with the chickens.
She had grown old and was slowing down, her broken beak made it hard for her to eat, so I fed her soft foods & deep cups of corn so deep that her beak wouldn't hit the bottom.
Knowing her for many years made it hard to see what was left of her in the middle of our street, but the colors of her feathers were distinct and there was no doubt.
Time waits for no one, not even Miss Clucky.
Help our Key West Feral Chickens and learn about how they rehome these feathered friends to a sprawling organic ranch where they can roam freely with bugs galore! Stop by for a tour of their rehab center.

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