My Favorite Street in Key West that I think you should Explore

  White Street in Key West is not often thought of as a "Destination" by folks that come to Key West on vacation, but let me take you through some of the best spots on this Street that many consider "off the beaten path".  Back in 1992 I opened the Island Dog Key West shop right as the internet was taking off. and I found that many tourist would leave Duval Street to search out my Tropical Dog Collars. 
  Starting at the end of White Street is the intersection of Eaton Street which goes to old Town and Palm Avenue that goes to NewTown and the main artery for heading out of the Keys. If you see water in this intersection, it is not fresh water. That water is high tide from the ocean.  There are still places that flood any time there is a King Tide.  
oceansalt water flooding key west streets during a high tice on white street and eaton.
  When you get to the first traffic light, on your left is the Armory at 600 White Street, this is the start of the "Art on White"  The Historical Marker talks about this building history and more history in this link.  Key West Armory
Historical marker of the Armary building
Now it is full of local artists.  You can see the artists that work here or in residence as part of The Studios of Key West Facebook 
  The Beautiful Historic Meadows Neighborhood
Most Key West dogs & cats don't chase the Key West Chickens, they coexist well all over town on street like Duval Street, our small lanes, quaint neighborhoods like "The Meadows" which is a beautiful quiet streets filled with some amazing Conch Houses that stretches from White Street to Key West Garrison Bight. Here is a great article from the Key West Citizen Newspaper. Historic Meadows Neighborhood  It is well worth a walking tour or a bicycle tour of the "Meadows"
  One of the best things about White Street is Key West is the Art Galleries.  Harrison Gallery & Stone Soup Gallery where you can see many Key West Artist on display.
  Some of our major intersections like White & Truman that is one of our Island City's most busy intersections you will see many of our Key West feral Chickens running back and forth hoping to get some Dion's Fried Chicken. That is almost scary to think what they are eating. Here is a design of a Chicken Dog Collar that Island Dog Key West by Wagadoodle createdChicken, hens, rooster and baby chicks at the mile zero sign dog collar
  Across the Street you will see some of the huge root system of the Kapok Trees.  Here is a great blog if you would like to learn more of their history Blog
large root system of a Kapok Tree.
The ocean end of White Street near the White Street Pier and Higgs Beach area.  This is an area that folks that came on vacation with their dogs should definitely check out. While some of the places to visit don't allow dogs, there are a ton of places here with sidewalks and walking trails to enjoy.  You can always come back later and tour places that piqued your interest.
The Key West Wildlife Center is here and they help so many of the birds in the Key West & the Lower Florida Keys get rehabilitated and set free again, and they have tours.
The other great place in this section of town is he West Martello Tower where you can stroll around so many tropical plants in a beautiful, peaceful setting
Three blocks past Dog Beach is The Casa Marina Hotel originally built by Henry Flagler in 1918 and finished in 1920. This famous and beautiful Grand Hotel
is currently going through a major Henry Flagler's Casa Marina Hotel 
Most Key West dogs & cats don't chase the Key West Chickens, they coexist well all over town on street like Duval Street, our small lanes,
, at Dog Beach next to Louie's Backyard. Speaking about Dog Beach, this is a wonderful place to bring your dog for a frolic in the ocean.  

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