Kat the Dog Key West Celebrity Dog by Wagadoodle

I got to know my Friend Ruth Ann Vester when she bought a personalized Dog Collar for her Celebrity Dog Kat from my Wagadoodle Dog Collar boutique in Key West.  She has a dog that is quite the Philanthropist and is always out and about on the Town here in Key West Florida raising money for all of God's creatures, both human and animal.  

Last week it was for our local shelter https://fkspca.org/event/pup-crawl/


A happy Cat the dog with her mum ….… Cat is a celebrity in Key West with a huge following with subjects who adore her …. Mum RuthAnn Vester does so much for the furbabies in her fundraising so it was only right to try and capture the majesty of her poochy


Kat the Dog cooling off after a big round of Fundraising for Sister Season Fund that helps local Key West Hospitality workers,


WIENERPALOOZA was a huge success! 

The 13th Annual New Years Eve Day, Key West Dachshund Walk

The 7th Annual Key West Dachshund Walk will be held as usual on New Year's Eve DAY, Saturday, December 31, at NOON, rain or shine. All dachshunds and their fans gather at the corner of Whitehead and Fleming Street in Key West for a brief sniff and greet. This year there is a NEW ROUTE!!! The dachshunds will cross Whitehead Street and WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF FLEMING STREET until they reach Duval where the parade will turn around. The best viewing spots are both sides of Fleming Street between Whitehead and Duval. This is a free event, no registration is required, costumes are always enjoyed but not necessary. Extremely kid and adult friendly.
Over 200 dachshunds were in attendance for the walk last year - a record number! Just as many if not more are expected this year. Fleming Street will truly be a "wiener wonderland" - a short walk for short legged dogs. In past years walk watchers have been amazed and delighted by the variety of dachshunds and their outlandish costumes.

Key West’s annual Dachshund Parade got a new name this year — Weinerpalooza.

Organized by Ben Hennington, of the Sunset Social Drinking Club, and proud owner of a dachshund named Alvin, whom Hennington calls, “King of the Lowriders,” the event raises money for local animals in need.

The parade is as short as its participants’ legs — only 2½ blocks from the Custom House to Greene Street.

Wiener dog wannabes of all shapes and sizes are always welcome to participate. There were dogs dressed as hot dogs, in tuxedos, as mermaids and in other costumes.

Despite the chill in the air on Jan. 29, the event drew more than 100 dogs and their humans.




Mr. Squeaky bone.


The question is what does Cat not . like? LOL But she loves bacon, steak & chicken.


Cat enters a contest each year called the Parade of Paws and has raised over $40,000 for the FKSPCA. She is a 5x Queen. She devotes her time to homeless animals in the shelter. In her free time she loves giving high 5s and kisses. She has never met a stranger and loves the outdoors more than anything. She craves the spotlight. She has worked so hard and should be America's Favorite!! If Cat wins she will DONATE $4000 TO THE FKSPCA IN HER NEXT CAMPAIGN RUNNING FOR QUEEN. LOVE, Cat The Dog



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