Easy Lead Style Harness, No-Pull Style Harness, Easy Walk Style Harness, Front Lead Harness

Collapsed Trachea is a serious issue for a dog's Health.  Pulling on their neck can damage the delicate Trachea.  Redirect pulling motion  without choking is the great benefit of the Front Lead Harness, also called No-Pull Style Harness aka Easy Walk Style Harness. The harness guides the chest and shoulders when your dog attempts to pull forward and instead of pulling away it causes them to face you!   They have four adjustment points and a quick-snap buckles for a custom fit

The "front lead" Harness takes away the dog's ability to pull you while walking.  This no-pull harness works because the leash connection ring is located on the center of the chest strap. When your dog pulls on the leash, he will be guided back towards you, which will gently discourage him from pulling on the leash.

  • My Front Lead Harness prevents pressure over your dog’s throat and neck, which is especially important for toy breeds that can be susceptible to tracheal damage.  The instinctive "mush" response that a dog gets when it leans into a back attach style harness is hardwired in it's DNA.  If feels pressure in it's chest and automatically leans into it thinking it has entered the Iditarod Sled Dog Race!
  • One of the nicest things about the Easy Lead Style Harness, No-Pull Style Harness, Easy Walk Style Harness.  Front Lead Harness is that you don't have to be a trainer to get it to work.  Not everyone can teach a dog not to pull, not everyone can hire a trainer.  Sometimes health reasons (getting dragged around by a big dogs is no fun!) or the size of a dog make it important to keep a dog from pulling.  The biggest reason another than the reasons just listed is the health of the dog's trachea!
  • With the leash is attached to the front of the dog, when they pull the effect is that the leash gives a pull on their chest towards you, which turns the dog toward you and not allowing them to move forward. When they pull, they get turned towards you. And if they turn, they aren’t heading forward which is where they want to be going and why they are pulling. They learn fast that pulling has no effect! Quickly the dog so learns that they only get to go forward if they do not pull while wearing such a harness.

  • Size Chest Width Girth
    Tiny 5-7 inches 11-16 inches
    X-Small 8-9 inches 13-18 inches
    Small 8.5-11 inches 15-21 inches
    Small/Medium 11-14 inches 20-26 inches
    Medium 12-15 inches 23-33 inches
    Medium/ Large 14-18 inches 24.5-34 inches
    Large 16-21 inches 27-40 inches
    Extra Large 17.5-23.5 inches 32-50 inches


  • Walking a dog from the front allows you to lead it where a standard style harness allows them to pull you!
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  • Here is a video of Lola on her first walk with a front leading harness, she seems a bit perturbed that she can't have her way, but she sees that fighting it is of no use!

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