Ear Care for Dogs that Love the Ocean, Beach and Salt Life

I don't know any Dog that doesn't love the beach, the water and the surf just spice the game up as they run and splash. Running free and having the water splash as they run makes total exciting times for them.  My guy that spent so many years by my side was in the ocean daily as we too long walks at Smather's Beach in Key West before the higher seawall went in.

There is some care that Dogs need when being around the Beach.

1.  Don't drink the water, training a young or new dog not to drink.

2.  To bathe or Not to bathe after a swim.

3.   Ear care.

This week I will talk about ear care since it is the problem I had to deal with the most with my Floppy eared Catahoula named Truman.

The configuration of their ears differs from humans due to their L-shaped structure, which can make it difficult for water to escape. The moist environment created is a favorable environment for yeast and bacteria, which can then lead to the development of an ear infection, also known as otitis externa.  If a dog swims in the ocean, lake, river, or chlorinated swimming pool, (or likes to play with the water squirted from a hose like my guy loves!) water is still water and can create a favorable environment for microbes to grow in. Thus, all types of water can create moisture that can make a dog more susceptible to an ear infection.  Floppy ears make it worse. 

My best results were when after many vet visits and all sorts of meds, I got pro-active and started using Vinegar.  Yes, vinegar every week or sometimes twice a week in the ear.  I just used one of the empty ear medicine applicators I had left over from the thousands I had spent in Vet bills and I never needed to go back.


Head Shaking, wanting you to "scrunch" their ears and moaning with pleasure as you do, stinky ears and redness.  As soon as I see one headshake I know I forgot to use the vinegar.

Vinegar makes a negative PH and the bacteria, fungus or yeast can't grow.

Here's a great Island Dog style blog I really like, they have awesome photos.


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