Bicycling from Key West to Alaska with Bucky

Deb Pansire was making personalized dog collars to fund her trip and sold her houseboat at the famous Key West Houseboat Row to purchase her bicycle for the trip.

KEY WEST, Fla., May 14 -- Debra Pansire and her dog, Bucky, began a 7,600-mile odyssey bicycle ride Saturday from Key West's southernmost point to Fairbanks, Alaska.

The trek across North America has been three years in the planning and should take slightly more than four months.

 Pansire, 34, is riding a mountain bike trailing a rickshaw-type rig with sun-blocking hood for her Labrador. She says Bucky can run alongside her when he wants too, but throughout most of the trip he'll be content as a passenger.

The projected itinerary will take the pair across central Florida, to the Smoky Mountain National Park, into the Ozarks, across Kansas, through the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park, into National Glacier Park and Canada before she starts on the Cassiar Highway that will take her to Alaska.

She intends to camp most of the time and dine in restaurants, although she carries plenty of water for herself and Bucky.

Pansire says she is making the trip for a 'physical and mental challenge.'

In 1982, she biked from Key West to San Francisco, in two months, and has competed in south Florida triathlon events.

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